Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation and ICS Consultative Meeting for Research and Practicum Opportunities
12 March 2024

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation representative, Mr. Michael B. Pascua, engaged in a consultative meeting with the Institute of Computer Science (ICS) attended by the members of the Practicum Committee, Research Division, and ICS Executive Committee. The meeting was held on February 29, at 10 AM, in the ICS Reading Room. The primary focus of the meeting is to establish a partnership between Samsung and ICS through practicum for BSCS students, hiring of BSCS graduates, and research opportunities.

During the meeting, ICS Director Dr. Clariño, suggested a Letter of Agreement be drafted to foster research collaboration among faculty members, students, and Samsung R&D. Additionally, Samsung expressed interest in recognizing outstanding theses and final year projects during the yearly ICS Undergraduate Research Symposium (ICSURS).

Mr. Pascua works as a Cloud Operations Team Manager at Samsung R&D Institute Philippines. He is also an esteemed alumnus of the institute and was previously part of the faculty.