Assistant Professor Arnejo Explores Sustainable Forests with Agent-Based Modeling
6 April 2024

Assistant Professor Zenith O. Arnejo, Doctorat en Informatique from Universite Toulouse Capitole, recently presented a lecture on sustainable forest management using agent-based modeling (ABM). The event, attended by students from CMSC 199, CMSC 299, and IT 299, as well as faculty members and students from ICS and other institutes, was organized by Associate Professor Concepcion L. Khan.

Asst. Prof. Arnejo introduced ABM, a computational method that simulates interactions among agents to understand complex systems. She demonstrated its relevance in analyzing human activities such as the supply and demand chain of wood products in forests.

The lecture stressed the need for interdisciplinary collaboration in ABM research, involving experts from economics, computer science, and forestry. Asst. Prof. Arnejo also showed how ABM can support practices like biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration in forest management. Attendees gained a better understanding of sustainable forest management and the role of technology in promoting environmental sustainability.