Asst. Prof. Aldrin Hao presents paper at ISSAAS International Scientific Congress
23 November 2023

Asst. Professor Aldrin Joseph Hao, a faculty member of the Institute of Computer Science, presented their collaborative effort with crop scientists from the College of Agriculture and Food Science with a paper introducing BanaTech – a Progressive Web Application (PWA) designed to transform banana farming. The paper, titled “BANATECH: A Data-Driven Progressive Web Application for Lakatan and Saba/Cardaba Harvest Date Estimation,” highlights the potential of interdisciplinary research. Developed under Project SARAI, the application hopes to address the intricate challenge of optimizing harvest dates for Lakatan and Saba/Cardaba banana varieties. 

Presented on Nov 9, 2023 at the International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) International Scientific Congress & General Meeting 2023 held at Alabang Muntinlupa, with the theme “Integrated Management of Southeast Asian Agricultural Landscapes”. Asst. Professor Hao’s paper was part of the subtheme “Food Security and Managing Agricultural Risks – Digital Agriculture”.

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